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Childhood friends Howard L. Bell IV and Anthony D. Latiker Sr. came up the with initial idea in the summer of 2017 then later reached out to college buddy Corey "c'beyohn" Bailey from Tennessee State, and the group "Dough Boyz" was formed to give Memphis the Rebirth they felt it needed. Each from different backgrounds (Corporate, Trucking, Film, & Music) they share common strengths,  innovativeness, creativeness, and a heart for serving and uplifting the community. In a unique venue that boosters vintage + classic that meets 21century, you'll find yourself connecting with all genres like Soul, Hip Hop, Funk, Jazz, and Rare Grooves spun by a DJ or live band. Enjoy the gourmet pizza prepared on Artisan Flabread, fresh salads, chicken wings, craft beers and mixed drinks which are named after some of Memphis' historic icons and neighborhoods.