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Slice of Soul Pizza Lounge was established by Howard L. Bell IV and Anthony D. Latiker Sr. in the summer of 2017.    Both from different backgrounds (corporate & transportation), they shared common strengths,  innovativeness, creativeness, and a heart for serving and uplifting the community.  The summer of 2020, Anthony Latiker Sr. became the sole owner of Slice.  Anthony has a  heart and a fortitude to serve you.  

Slice of Soul is a unique venue that boosters vintage & classic that meets 21century, you'll find yourself connecting with all genres like Soul, Hip Hop, Funk, Jazz, and Rare Grooves spun by a DJ or live band.  Our menu speaks volume from Westwood to Orange Mound, we have you covered.   Enjoy the gourmet pizza,  fresh salads, wings, and craft cocktails.  

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Slice of S​ o​ ul​ Pizza Lounge​

"The Pizza with the Taste and Soul"

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